Requirements of Good Building Stones

Requirements of Good building Stones

  • The following requirements of good building stones are. There are ten types in the list of good Building stones.
Requirements of Good Building Stones
40mm aggregate
  1. Strength(Building stones)
  2. Durability
  3. Hardness
  4. Toughness
  5. Specific Gravity

6.Porosity and Absorption(building stones)

  1. Dressing
  2. Appearance
  3. Seasoning
  4. Cost
  • Let us describe all the above types. 


  • Strength is the stone should be able to resist the load coming on all materials. Ordinarily, this is not of primary concern since all stones are having good strength.
  •  In the case of the large structure is may be necessary to check the strength.


  • Durability is the Stones selected should be capable of resisting adverse effects of natural forces like wind, rain, and heat.


  • Hardness is the stone used in floors and pavements should be able to resist abrasive forces caused by the movement of men and materials over them.


  • Toughness is Building stones should be tough enough to sustain stresses developed due to vibrations.
  • This vibration may be due to the machinery mounted over them or due to the loads moving over them. The stone aggregates are used in the road constructions only.




Specific Gravity

  • The Specific Gravity Heavier variety of stones should be used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, docks, and harbors.
  • The specific gravity of good building stone is between 2.4 or 2.8.

Porosity and Absorption

  • Porosity and Absorption are Building stone should not be porous. If it is porous rainwater enters the pour and reacts with stone and crumbles it.
  • In this type higher altitudes are the freezing of water in pores takes place and it results in the disintegration of the stone.


  • The dressing is Giving the required shape to the stone is called dressing. It was should be easy to dress so that the cost of dressing is reduced.
  • However, the care should be taken so that, this is not at the cost of the required strength and durability.


  • Appearance is one of the stones to be used for face works, where appearance is a primary requirement, its color and ability to receive polish is an important factor.


  • Seasoning is the Good stones that should be free from the quarry sap. These Laterite stones should not be used for 6 to 12 months after quarrying.
  • They can get rid of quarry sap by the action of nature.


  • Cost is an important consideration in selecting building material.
  • building sites brings down the cost of transportation and hence the cost of stones comes down.
Requirements of Good Building Stones
20 mm aggregate


That was maybe noted that not a single stones are can satisfy all the requirements of good building stones, since one requirement may contradict another.

  • Hence it is necessary that the site engineer investigates the properties required for the intended work and selects the stone.

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