crushing strength test: Different types of Tests on Bricks

crushing strength test Crushing Strength finding for bricks. Procedure of this test  crushing strength test; The brick specimen is submerged in water for 24 hours. The frog of the brick… Read more

Efflorescence in bricks: types of Tests on Bricks

Efflorescence in bricks Efflorescence: Efflorescence in bricks; The presence of alkalis in brick is not advantageous because they form patches of Gray powder by engrossing moisture. Hence to control the… Read more

quality of bricks: quality of good bricks and Properties of Bricks

quality of bricks Properties of good quality Bricks quality of bricks; The following are the required properties of good bricks, there are twelve types in the list. Color Shape Size… Read more

Types of bricks: Types of bricks used in construction work

Types of bricks Types of bricks; Brick is derived by molding good clay into a block, which is dried and then burnt. These is the oldest building bricks to replace… Read more
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