foam concrete

foam concrete

foam concrete foam concrete; It is a lightweight concrete created by introducing generous voids in the concrete or mortar. Its density differs from 3 kN/meters3 to 8 kN/meters3 whereas plain… Read more

fibre reinforced concrete ppt

fibre reinforced concrete ppt Definition FRC fibre reinforced concrete ppt; Plain concrete possesses insufficiencies like mean tensile strength, insufficient ductility, and cheap resistance to cracking. The cracks happen even ere… Read more

in prestressed concrete

in prestressed concrete PRESTRESSED CONCRETE in prestressed concrete; benefits of prestressed concrete Strength of concrete in tension is really low and therefore it is overlooked in R.C.C. design. Concrete in… Read more

concrete bricks

concrete bricks Reinforced Brick Masonry (RBC) concrete bricks is a compound of reinforcement, brick, and concrete. It is strong-known fact that concrete is extremely weak in tension. Therefore in the… Read more

Reinforced cement concrete

Reinforced cement concrete R.C.C; Reinforced cement Concrete is useful in resisting compression however is very limited in maintaining tension. Hence reinforcement is presented in the concrete anywhere tensile stress is… Read more
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