Uses of lime powder: Use of lime in construction

Uses of lime powder usages of Lime Uses of lime powder; The succeeding are the uses of lime in civil works: For whitewashing. For preparing mortar for masonry jobs and plastering.… Read more

Tests on Limestones:4- Different type Tests on Limestones

Tests on Limestones Tests on Limestones; The following practice tests are made on limestones to set on their suitability: Physical tests Heat test Chemical test Ball test. Physical Test: Pure… Read more
Classification of lime

Classification of lime: Classification of lime as per bis

Classification of lime Classification of lime; IS 712-1973 classifies lime as class A, B, C, D, and E Class A Lime:  It is for the most part hydraulic lime. It… Read more

different types of lime: 3-Types of Limes and their Properties

different types of lime different types of lime; The limes are classified as fat lime, hydraulic lime, and poor lime: Fat lime. It is comprised of 95 percent of calcium… Read more

types of lime: Types of lime and definition in civil engineering

types of lime Definition types of lime; It is a significant binding material utilized in building construction. Lime has been utilized as the material of construction from an early time.… Read more
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