Uses of Timber

Uses of Timber

Uses of Timber Timber main usages Uses of Timber; Timber is used for the following works:  Heavy construction operates like columns, trusses, piles. For light construction operates like doors, windows,… Read more

Preservation of Timber

Preservation of Timber Seasoning and preservation of timber: Seasoning and preservation of timber; Preservation of timber indicates protecting the timber from fungi and pests attacks so that its life is… Read more

Defects in Timber

Defects in Timber Defects in Timber; Various defects which are probable to occur in timber may be grouped toward the following three Due to natural might Due to faulty seasoning… Read more

seasoning of timber

seasoning of timber Definition and Types of seasoning seasoning of timber; This is a method by which condensation content in a freshly cut tree is decreased to a suitable level.… Read more

Properties of Timber

Properties of Timber Properties of Timber; Properties of quality timbers are: Color:It should be consistent. Odor:It should be pleasurable when cut freshly.Soundness:A clear ringing sound when bang indicates the timber… Read more
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