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Civil engineering books
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civil engineering books
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Civil Engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books
Civil engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books
Civil engineering Books
Civil Engineering Books

civil engineering English book pdf; Top 5 free download Websites list

civil engineering English book pdf; n this article, we find out the civil engineering English book pdf free downloaded top 5 website list in the google search list. civil engineering books pdf free 2. 3....

Types of stones for building houses: types of Building Stones

 Types of stones  Types of stones for building houses; The following Eight types of stones are the sum of commonly used stones in civil engineering works. 1. Basalt and trap2. Granite3. Sandstone4. Slate5. Laterite6. Marble7. Gneiss8. Quartzite Basalt and Trap •...

what is the paint?

what is paint what is the paint?: Paints are utilized on the surfaces of timber, metals, and plastered surfaces as a protecting layer and at the same time to get a comfortable appearance. Paints are utilized in liquid form and after some time the volatile component...

Asbestos sheet

Asbestos sheet The asbestos sheet is a common name for several types of fibrous minerals which are possible in nature. Butpresently, most of the profitable asbestos presented is ‘chriotile’ [Mg6SiO11(OH)6.H2O]. asbestos cement sheet It is resilient, soft, and...

Bitumen meaning in Hindi

Bitumen meaning in Hindi Asphalt, bitumen, and tar are introduced as bituminous materials, which are typically hydrocarbon materials.The asphalt is a mix of inert mineral material lime alumina, lime, silica, etc., also a hydrocarbonidentified as asphaltic bitumen. In...

Types of Plastics

Types of Plastics Types of Plastics Plastic is an organic material made out of mastic. It may or may not include fillers, plasticizers, andexpositions. Plastic may be described as a natural or artificial organic element which is having the propertyof existing plastic...

Different types of glasses

Different types of glasses Different types of glasses may be broadly categorized as:1.Soda-lime glass2.Potash lime glass3.Potash lead glass4.Common glass and5.Special glasses. Soda Lime Glass: It is essentially a compound of sodium silicate also calcium silicate. It...

Properties of glass

Properties of glass Properties of glass: It receives, refracts, or carries light. It can be made translucent or crystalline. It can take an exceptional polish. It is an excellent electrical nonconductor. It is effective and brittle. It can be mouthed, drawn, or...

How is glass made

how is glass made How is glass made Silica is the main constituent of glass. But it is to be consolidated with sodium-potassium carbonate to bring down the melting point. To obtain it durable lime or lead oxide is too added. Manganese oxide is affixed to nullify the...

Properties of Aluminium

Properties of Aluminium It is present on the surface of the earth's crust in most of the rooks and clay. But to produce the metal bauxite (Al2O3. 2H2O) is ideally suited ore. Properties of Aluminium Properties 1.It is having a silver color and bright luster. 2.It is...